Terms and Conditions of the Re-use Collection Service

1. Prioritised products and materials collected by the re-use service: the following products and materials will be collected from householders:

Domestic furniture
Large domestic appliances
Textiles / clothing
Carpets not cut offs or underlay
Homeware and bric-a-brac including small appliances
Children's equipment

2. Products and materials not on this list will not be considered for collection. Also see clause 7

3. The collection times will be vary between day but generally will be within the time frame of 9.00 and 17.00 Monday to Friday.

4. The householder must be at the collection address or arrange for a responsible person to be at the collection address to instruct the collection crew. The collection crew will telephone the contact person 30–60 minutes before the time of arrival. The collection crew will carry identification and details about the re-use service.

5. The collection crew will collect items from inside properties only. Items left outside shall not be collected particularly if subjected to damage in any way. In instances of high rise flats the lift must be in operation and sufficient to fit in the items to be collected. Collections from properties above the second storey will be made where a suitable lift is in operation otherwise the owner must make arrangements for the items to be brought down to the ground floor on the day of collection.

6. Householders must ensure that all valuables and breakables are moved away from the carrying route from the room to the front door to reduce the risk of breakages and damage to property. Resco (London) limited will not be liable for any damages or breakages that accrue due to a clear path not being cleared by the householder.

7. The collection crew will pick up all items booked for the collection subject to clauses 7a. and 7b.

7.a. Furniture items offered for re-use will under certain conditions be refused at the time of pick up where furniture items offered are significantly different from that described at the time of the phone booking in terms of: type of furniture or poor condition where the item is not fit for purpose. Items will also be unacceptable if they pose any risk of cross contamination within the van. Under these circumstances where the collection crew has been brought out under false pretences there will not be any recourse to a refund of the collection fee.

7.b. In exceptional circumstances the collection partner may decline to collect an item on health and safety grounds, subject to the following conditions: where the van crew have concerns on manual handling risks. The driver must refer the decision to the operations manager of Resco Living (a trade name of Resco (London) Limited). Resco shall make and keep a detailed written record of the decision setting out the reasons for the decision.

7.c. All items agreed to be collected under the re-use booking will be picked up at the same time in one van by the collection crew.

8. The collection crew do not guarantee that additional items which were not included at the time of the booking will be picked up. Additional items which can be re-used may be added to the Collection with the consent and signature of the donor and at the discretion of the van crew.

9. The resident will be advised to book a Bulky Waste Collection where they have items which are not booked in for a re-use collection and which are not accepted for re-use.

10. The collection crew can be expected with reasonable certainty to turn up on the day and time of collection. There will be eventualities; the most common eventualities are:

Vehicle breakdown
Weather disruption i.e. snow, flooding
Road traffic disruption: blocked access by road works or road closures
Disruption to staffing
Items not accessible – customer not at home or the items have been taken by someone else.
Additional or different items left out alongside items booked for collection
Other circumstances beyond the control of Resco (London) Limited.

11. Where vehicle/machinery does break down Resco is allowed up to a maximum of 3 working days to re-instate the service, and must make all re-arrangements with customers. In this eventuality, all reasonable attempts will be made to re-instate the service within this maximum limit so as not to impact on future collections.

12. Cancellations and changes to your collection can be made up to 48 hours before the collection is due to take place. A refund, less 15% administration fee, will be provided in the case of a cancellation. Any cancellations made with in the 48hr window shall not be refunded. All refunds will be done over the phone and will be the responsibility of the booker. All refunds must be processed within 28 days of the cancellation.

13. The ownership of all materials/items collected shall transfer from the householder to Resco from the point of collection of the items under the arrangements of this service. Once the collection has entered the re-use system it will not be possible to retrieve and return items. Under exceptional circumstances cooperation will be given to customers who have genuine reasons to retrieve items.

14. Resco will ensure that all items collected for re-use / reprocessing / recycling shall remain within the UK wherever possible. It will be the responsibility Resco to identify appropriate markets for the distribution of re-use goods. Targets will be set on the extent of residual waste remaining from the re-use and recycling process. The re-use service intends to keep under constant review methods to reduce waste.

Resco (London) Limited (14 August 2015)